Skeletal & Static Mesh Baking Plugin for Unreal Engine

Reduce Draw Calls
Each material section uses at least 2 draw calls per mesh. Baking and merging these together can give a massive performance boost.
Multi-threaded Plugin
MeshBake runs on a separate thread from the editor to minimize interruptions to your workflow.
Highly Customizable
MeshBake gives you full control over the baking process. Choose exactly which mesh sections you want to bake and merge and which you want to copy unchanged.

In-Editor Material Baking & Merging

MeshBake allows you to bake meshes in-editor and avoid the tedious importing and exporting that would otherwise be required when baking with third-party programs.


  • Bake and merge materials for both Skeletal and Static meshes
  • SkeletalMesh skinning preserved
  • SkeletalMesh bones, sockets, and skeleton preserved
  • Auto-Merge/Bake materials based on shading model type
  • Merge/Bake materials based on manually defined input/output section map
  • Bake vertex colors (optional)
  • Transfer vertex colors (optional)
  • Transfer clothing & clothing sections (optional)
  • Run on components in PIE or directly on assets in the content browser
  • In-Editor plugin, no importing/exporting of assets required
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